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Main » 2008 » May » 2 » SubbClass Quest
SubbClass Quest
1:22 PM
Mimir's Elixer
Lvl: 75
Loc: Ivory Tower
NPC: Magister Ladd
Type: 1 Time/ Solo
Reward: A Grade Weapon Enchant and Chance to Subclass

Talk to Magister Ladd on the 4th floor of Ivory Tower. He tells you to bring him Pure Silver. you can only get this from the Supplier of Reageants quest.

He talks about how to get the Pure Silver. I did this part a bit early and have no screenshots for it but I will post it under the supplier of reageants quests. Ladd takes the pure silver.

Talk to Magister Joann on the 3rd floor of Ivory Tower. She will tell you to go to the Field of Silence to hunt Chimera Piece for the Sage's Stone.

These are located at Field of Silence. You can be in a party with others doing the quest as well. You will get the stone.

Take this back to Magister Joann on the 3rd floor again. She takes it and hands you the True Gold

Take this Gold to Magister Ladd. He is on the 4th floor. He takes it and tells you to bring him the Blood Fire.

You will need a large party to get into Anthara's Lair for the Bloody Guardians. These are Group mobs. Kill the Bloody Guardians until you get the Blood Fire.

Go to the Underground Shopping Area at Ivory Tower. Talk to Alchemist's Jar. Combine the Pure Silver and True Gold together with the Blood Fire. You must use the 3rd degree to combine.

This will never fail.

You will take this back to Magister Ladd on the 4th floor. He then hands you an A grade Weapon Enchant and you now can go and choice what you want for your subclass.

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