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Main » 2008 » May » 4 » Get a pet Wolf
Get a pet Wolf
10:13 AM
Wolf Collar

To receive a pet, you must earn approval from the Pet Manager. Meet Pet Manager Martin in the Village of Gludin, and he will tell you that you must have love and knowledge about animals in order to earn a pet. He first asks you to return to your hometown and eliminate all animal killers.
1. Talk to Martin in the norhtwest part of Gludin. He will give you an animal_slayer_list.
2. Hunt the animals Martin asks you to in your homeland until you get 50 of the quest item they drop:
- Dwarf: Hunter Tarantula (lvl 16 passive) and Plunder Tarantula (lvl 17 aggressive) for bloody_tarantula_nail. Northeast area of dwarf lands, use the teleporters to get to the northeast coast and go east one valley.
3. Return to Martin. He will take the items and give you an animal_lovers_list.
4. Visit the 3 people mentioned in the list - Gatekeeper Belladonna in Gludio, Guard Metty at the south exit of Dion, and Trader Ellie in Giran's accessory shop.
5. Return to Martin and take the quiz - these questions may appear in any order, and the question list may not yet be complete. Questions in [] are paraphrased.

Q: The pet shall disappear forever if you can't resurrect it within a certain amount of time. What is the maximum amount of time to resurrect a pet?
A: 3 minutes.
Q: The owner can use its pet for many different purposes. Which one of the following is NOT the purpose of a pet use?
A: Send someone to buy items from the village.
Q: Normally, how would a wolf's tail be positioned?
A: Tail is always hanging.
Q: The following connections are made between the wolves in the Lineage world and their habitats. Which of the following is NOT connected properly?
A: Orcs? black wolf.
Q: The following are descriptions about the wolf. Choose the RIGHT one among the choices.
A: A full-grown wolf weighs less than most adult men.
Q: What should you do to make a pet grow faster?
A: Makes the pet hit monster several times.
Q: There is no exact data on the life span of a wild wolf. Then how long does a wolf in the zoo normally live?
A: 12-15 years
Q: The following are descriptions on the life of a wolf. Choose the WRONG description among the choices.
A: A pregnant wolf makes shelter in a large vacant ground for her babies.
Q: How far (km) can a wolf's scent reach?
A: 2.4 km
Q: [Which wolf leads the pack?]
A: Alpha male.
Q: [What is the wrong description of a wolf's breeding process?]
A: The period of a pregnancy is 9 months.
Q: [What wolf lives 2.5M-10K years ago?]
A: Dire Wolf.

6. Buy resurrection scrolls!!! You only have 3 minutes after a pet dies to avoid losing them forever!

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